Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you reading this on a laptop? If so, are you compromising your posture as you use it? Have you ever wished you could find a body-friendly solution that would enable you to work on your laptop whenever and wherever you want, without crunching your spine, hunching your shoulders, straining your neck and generally undoing all the good work you do on your yoga mat?

Carolina Morning’s Zen Office is a portable workstation designed to support correct postural alignment when using a laptop, writing or reading. It comprises two pieces that can be used in three different ways to help keep your body aligned while working. I’ve had one for several years now and I love it!

  • Can be used as a Floor Desk for active sitting while kneeling, squatting or perching
  • Can be used as an Active Sitting Work Station at a standard height desk
  • Can be used as a Stand Up Desk when placed on a standard height desk
  • Comes apart in several pieces for easy travelling
  • 5% discount on your first offer if you use coupon code 1026 when ordering
  • Click here and scroll down the page for more information and to see the Zen Office in use

The Zen Office is part of a wider range of simple organic bedroom and living room furniture, office furniture, and eco yoga/meditation props which are designed with the best natural materials, including organic cotton, eco-wool, chemical-free kapok, buckwheat hulls, sustainably harvested hardwoods, and non-toxic finishes.

To find out more about my experience with the Zen office, contact me for a chat or ask me to bring it along to one of my yoga classes! There’s also plenty of information about this and the other body- and planet-friendly products in the Carolina Morning range on their website.

Zen Office by Carolina MorningEnter coupon code "1026" at checkout for 5% discount on your first order

Introductory offer: If you do decide to invest in any Carolina Morning products, enter coupon code 1026 at checkout to receive a 5% discount on your first order.
NB: Unless you require delivery within the US, I recommend contacting the company direct to enquire about delivery costs as in my experience the online system struggles when asked to quote for international shipping!

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