Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful ally to have in your corner when you are ready to make changes in your life.

What causes feelings of anxiety?


How can hypnotherapy help?

When we allow our logical, thinking mind to relax fully, the deeper, subconscious mind has the space to open up. Hypnotherapy is the process of teaching clients to enter this natural state of hypnotic trance whenever they choose to, and working with the open, subconscious mind to achieve real therapeutic change.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful: much more powerful than the logical mind. Bypassing the critical factor of the thinking mind increases the potential for the subconscious mind to accept new suggestions, especially when these are carefully crafted based on a deep understanding of the beliefs and desires of the individual client. Where appropriate, it also opens the way for deeper, analytical hypnotherapy, one of the most effective ways there is to understand and heal deep-seated emotional issues.

Put simply, hypnotherapy is the process of training our imagination to work for us, rather than undermine us, in achieving our goals.

What issues can hypnotherapy help with?

It’s not always possible to change our circumstances and – whatever we like to think – we can’t change other people. We can, however, change our own patterns of thought and behaviour, and such changes can have a profound impact, not only on our own lives but also on those around us.

If you can imagine the outcome you want to achieve, hypnotherapy can help you make it happen. Specifically, many people have used it to help them:

  • lose weight, stop smoking or let go of other unwanted or harmful habits
  • conquer a fear, phobia or belief that is holding them back
  • manage stress, reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence
  • enhance revision skills and reduce exam nerves
  • overcome performance anxiety and maximise potential in any field of activity
  • identify and resolve deep-rooted psychological or emotional issues
  • manage pain and other physical symptoms associated with a range of health conditions including ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, migraine, IBS, skin conditions, etc.
  • prepare physically and emotionally for medical or dental procedures
  • and much more

For further information about what’s involved see my Frequently Asked Questions page.

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