New workshop dates: Mind Body Connect half-day workshops in Petersfield

  • Saturday 5th October, 10am-1pm
  • Saturday 7th December, 10am-1pm
  • Click here for details of what’s involved
  • Just 8 places available on each – contact me to secure yours!

Yoga classes: Full details of my weekly teaching schedule can be found here.

My classes and workshops are popular and space is limited, but I’m also available for 1:1 (or up to 1:3) tuition at my home studio in Petersfield by arrangement. Contact me to find out more.

Speaking my truth…

I’ve added a blog to this site where I’ll be sharing occasional ruminations on things that matter to me and/or that have made me aware of something that I feel is worth sharing.

Keep an eye on my blog page or follow me on Facebook where I will be sharing links to new posts.

What is Blended Therapy?

What needs to change in your life for you to live the life you want to live?

Do you want to improve your general health and wellbeing? Has the time finally come to let go of that unhelpful or destructive habit that’s been holding you back? Have you been searching for ways to cope with physical or emotional pain? Or do you just need a bit of breathing space in your hectic schedule? Whatever the change you want to make in your life, Blended Therapy is here to help.

From my base in Petersfield, close to the Hampshire/West Sussex border, in the heart of the South Downs, I help people make the changes they need to make, to create the life they want to live.

So whether you simply want to start a regular yoga practice or are looking for some support and guidance while you make a much bigger change, why not give me a call for a free, no-strings chat?

Hypnotherapy in the heart of Petersfield

Blended Therapy has joined the team of health and beauty therapists at Hälsa of Petersfield.

I now offer 60-minute hypnotherapy sessions in Hälsa’s therapy room in the centre of Petersfield, Hampshire, as an alternative to 90-minute sessions in my own consulting room. This is an ideal opportunity to find out how hypnotherapy can help you (Re)Learn to Relax and how this in turn can lead to lasting change in any – and every – area of your life.

Call me on 01730 750272 to book at either location or call Hälsa Cosmetics on 07871 784564 or drop in to 1 The Square, Petersfield, Hants. GU32 3HJ to book a session there (and browse their lovely selection of organic and natural skincare and cosmetics at the same time!).

Just as no two people are alike, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to life’s challenges, but if anything on the list below resonates with you, give me a call on 01730 750272 or email me to find out more.

  • a regular yoga class or 1:1 tuition (no contortions required!)
  • therapeutic yoga tuition to help manage acute, chronic or age-related conditions
  • letting go of a habit, phobia or belief that is holding you back
  • reducing stress or anxiety; increasing confidence
  • getting back in touch with the ‘real you’
  • hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation or other lifestyle change
  • hypnosis to prepare for a medical or dental procedure
  • support in dealing with a diagnosis of ME/CFS or other health condition

Yoga is not about being bendy! It’s about reconnecting with how your body feels and how it needs to move today…


Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful ally to have in your corner when you are making changes in your life…


A space to share with you some of the resources and products that have helped or inspired me during my own journey…

About me

I’m Helen Davis, founder of Blended Therapy. After 20 years as a successful business analyst, a diagnosis of ME/CFS in 2012 led to a major reassessment of my priorities and the realisation that the time had come for a complete change of direction.

My own experience of chronic illness taught me that the first step in creating lasting change is to (re)learn how to be truly present: in the here and now. One reason most of us find this so hard is that we live almost entirely ‘in our head’. When we reconnect with our body, our mind becomes quieter. Like calm water, a calm mind brings clarity, and with clarity comes insight. And that’s where the miracles happen!

Starting in late 2014, I retrained in the two practices that proved key to restoring my own health and wellbeing: hypnotherapy and yoga. I completed my 200-hour training in Clinical, Analytical and Medical Hypnotherapy with Hypnotherapy Training International in 2015, and was awarded my full Diploma in 2018. Later that year I completed a 3-year, 500+ hour Teaching Diploma with the Inner Yoga Trust.

Using these and other approaches (including breath work, sounding, walking in nature, essential oil therapy and more) in accordance with the needs of each individual, I help people like you find their own unique path towards the life they want to live.

If you want to know more, contact me for a free, confidential, no-strings chat to see if the time feels right for us to work together, either in person from my base in Petersfield in Hampshire or, where appropriate, online. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Photo: Milly Jermyn
Photo: Milly Jermyn


  • I sought Helen’s help because, having been to one of her amazing yoga sessions, I knew she was extremely professional but also a deeply caring and spiritual person. The session I had with her was very relaxing and highly effective. She listened carefully, explained fully and tailored everything exactly to my needs. Because of this, and her expert knowledge of hypnotherapy, I feel like the issue I trusted her with was fully addressed and I feel wonderful! I have no reservations in recommending Helen, she is a brilliant therapist!

    Helen Cooper Helen Cooper Bowen Therapist
  • I just wanted to say thank you for today's session, I feel very confident that I am going to benefit from your classes and really like the way that you teach giving food for the body and the soul! Look forward to seeing you next week and learning more!

  • I had a hypnotherapy session with Helen to prepare me for hand surgery and for my recovery afterwards. I loved her calm, friendly approach. The personalised recordings (for pre- and post-op) were also very helpful. Definitely recommended!

  • Had a fab 1:1 yoga session with Helen this morning. As it's school holidays my usual class doesn't meet so I took the opportunity for some special 1:1 'me time'. I arrived tired, emotional, lacking in energy and even motivation, but, as I'd booked it I wasn't going to back out. By the time I left I felt bright eyed, motivated, relaxed, enthusiastic and so much calmer than when I arrived.

    Helen Gibbs Holistic Counselling Services
  • Helen's yoga classes are wonderful - friendly, informative and great for re-connecting with your body.

  • "I have been suffering from a bad back for several years, it’s intermittent in terms of pain but always bothers me. I hoped that yoga would help with overall flexibility and maybe even improve my back. I have been truly surprised that even after the first session there was a definite improvement, I did think it was maybe coincidence, but now after 3 sessions, there is a definite improvement. I really hope this continues. I feel that by actually attending a class on a regular basis, I will feel more in control and am actually making a difference myself to my wellbeing. I live a fairly hectic and stressful life, however I have been very surprised at how relaxed and calm I feel after each session. Helen is a wonderful teacher and makes me feel as though I am at the beginning of a journey. I’m so looking forward to seeing where it takes me."

  • “Having trained in hypnotherapy with Helen I was already familiar with her excellent work, and now speaking as a client I am thrilled to get to give her a review - I cannot recommend her highly enough. For a sensitive, caring, intuitive, gentle, positive and effective therapist, look no further.”

    Freya Blom Relationships & Life Coach
  • “I was very lucky to meet Helen about a year after I had become unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). At the time I didn’t know what was wrong with me other than it had come on out of the blue and was trying to take my life away from me! In addition to the hypnotherapy, it was so inspirational to talk to Helen who herself had been so ill and to see how well she has recovered. She has learned so much through her own journey back to health. Her combination of wisdom, expertise and compassion set me on the right path to recovery myself.”

  • “I went to see Helen as I was worried about having a wisdom tooth removed, due to a previous difficult experience. I found Helen extremely easy to work with and she immediately put me at ease. I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about hypnotherapy beforehand but the experience was wonderful! My dental surgery proved to be as complicated as the last time but I was able to use hypnotherapy to get me through in a completely calm way. The dentist was amazed at how calm I was considering how difficult the extraction was. I would definitely go back and see Helen and I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

  • "A friend recommended me to Helen as I was having panic attacks, was feeling very emotional and was not sleeping well. I had given up my voluntary job as an adviser because I did not feel strong enough in myself to help others. Any sort of deadline would make me start to panic, and this was not the person I was used to being. Having never done hypnotherapy before, I felt nervous about it and was worried about the loss of control. Helen is kind and has a gentle and reassuring manner. She explained carefully what would happen, and I immediately felt safe and trusted her. She has a lovely voice – very calm and reassuring while ‘under hypnosis’. Helen went out of her way to help me at short notice and her sessions calmed me down and gave me techniques to use which were invaluable when I started to feel anxious again. Working with her has been a pleasure as well as extremely helpful. I would highly recommend going to see her."

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance during my hypnotherapy sessions. Originally I was a little sceptical around the process having never experienced hypnotherapy before. However, within minutes of my initial session I felt at ease and knew that with time I would be able to overcome a number of personal barriers. I can say without any doubt the help and techniques you installed got me to a much more positive place. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, family or colleagues. I hope to have some follow up sessions in the future.”

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